Noel Gallagher hair by Mr Natty
22 May 2015

Noel Gallagher by Mr Natty

The other week Mr Natty had the pleasure of looking after the barnet of Mr Noel Gallagher. It was for the cover of The Telegraph Magazine, you might have seen it (or done the crossword if you're clever). The pics were taken by Nadav Kander, who's a very talented fella. It was a bit of a walk down memory lane in Natty's old manor of Bermondsey (between Millwall's Den and a cake factory). Have a listen to Noel's latest album from his band The High Flying Birds. It's crackin' and he's on tour as well so go and catch him if you can. We wish him great success as ever. He is a proper gent.

That Dapper Chap
1 May 2015

That Dapper Chap

Mr Natty spent a little time in the company of That Dapper Chap the other day. Take a peek at the smudges here