Mr Natty Face Forest Shampoo
Mr Natty Face Forest Beard Shampoo
80g SKU: ffs

Natty is often asked "Should I use soap or shampoo on my beard?" Hmm... It's a conundrum. There's skin!  There's hair! Both together! ON YOUR FACE! The answer? Just use our new beard shampoo, Face Forest Soap (FFS). No man needs confusion in his life - especially in the shower. Our FFS takes care of both the skin and the beard. First of all, the olive oil in our FFS is high in antioxidants... BOOM! These love a good ol' tear up against the 'age accelerating free radicals'  in your skin - it's like Mods vs Rockers on your jawline. The result of this skirmish keeps your skin hydrated and smooth. To aid this we add some shea butter... BOOM! Perfect for soothing and protecting dry skin (which is a common downside to being hirsute). A dash of peppermint oil adds a little livener to the whole effect making you feel raring to go... BOOM! Just no tear ups on the beach please, FFS.

STYLING TIP FFS is gentle enough to use daily. Once you've towel dried your happy, hairy face don't be shy, shower more Natty love upon it with some of our Frank's Beard Elixir. It will merely underline the good work you've already done. Don't be too smug. It's not becoming

All Natty soaps are free from rubbish like SLS, parabens, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, artificial colours and preservatives.
Our palm oil is from a sustainable source (RSPO certified).

Mr Natty presents Frank's Beard Elixir
Mr Natty presents Frank's Beard Elixir
10ml SKU: elixir

One day Mr Natty’s good friend, Frank, said “I need a beard elixir”. So we made him one. As it’s Frank (and we owed him a fiver) we sourced the best natural oils and blended them together to create a beautifully scented elixir that would befit his glorious face forest.

This is like your very own nectar for your beard – it will keep it cleansed, conditioned and offers astringent qualities. Smells delightful too.

STYLING TIP Simple. Just massage a few drops of it into your facial growth (even heavy stubble will benefit) and feel instantly invigorated. Just keep it under lock and key... we find that Mrs Natty likes to pinch it and use it as her own ‘perfume’. FYI: Mrs Natty does not have a beard of her own.
Mr Natty's Bring Me Sunshine Frank's Beard Elixir
Bring Me Sunshine Frank's Beard Elixir
10ml SKU: elixsun

Our Mr Natty Beard Elixir is now so popular we've had to build a new shed to make it in. All in a froth after putting said shed up in a British heatwave, we thought to ourselves "Let's 'ave a change, something fresh and vibrant for the warmer days".

So, gentlemen, may we introduce our new Bring Me Sunshine Beard Elixir. You know we like a bit of the traditional brought bang up to date, so we've started out with citrus notes and mixed it up with a bit of black pepper and vetiver to bring it that special Natty touch. It reminds Mr Natty of balmy evenings by the Amalfi coast or sitting by a fire in the desert in Rajasthan. Both noble and suitably idle summer pursuits.

STYLING TIP Simple. Just massage a few drops of it into your facial growth (even heavy stubble will benefit) and feel instantly invigorated. Note how we've now been so kind as to provide you with your very own pipette dispenser. Upstairs for thinking, downstairs for dancing.