8 September 2015

Le Ballon

Field Marshal Brooke is just back from France. It was a special assignment for our friends at Pickles Magazine shooting the football collective Le Ballon. Unlike in England (where you try and play 5-a-side and you get 3 v 4, shirts v skins and a keeper dragging on a cigarette) these French boys have it got it all sorted. Made up of all the movers and shakers Paris has to offer les lads have their own teams complete with uniquely designed badges, kits and team identities. They've even got their own fans and a bar in the 10th arrondissiment to relax in post-match. As ever in these hirsute times there was a lot of facial hair going on, including some proper fighter pilot 'taches. We've put some smudges up here for you. Enjoy. Mange tout Rodders. Mange tout. 

NY Best Pizza
15 July 2015


More Natty Tales: Today we're at New York's 'BEST PIZZA" in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn owned by Frank Pinello and a lover of all things Mr Natty.

Frank uses 00 flour dough (the ONLY dough for pizza) and cooks in a 100 year old wood-fired bakers oven. His homemade tomato sauce paired with traditional mozzarella is proper delicious... it will blow your socks off.

Frank's recently departed partner in crime was Bill Meier. 'Wild Bill' was one of NYC's best bike couriers. Sadly he passed away a few months ago. I was very lucky to bump into Bill while he was carrying four pizza boxes on his handlebars along Nassau Ave in Brooklyn. We got talking bikes. Bill sat astride his tidy white Continuum fixie frame while we chatted about alley cat races and curb jumping.

Enjoy the film from Vice (link below) and make sure to pop into Best Pizza to get your slice and feel the love. You won't go wrong. IT'S A BLINDER. BIG NATTY LOVE > BIG SLICE LOVE.


NY Best Pizza
NY Best Pizza
NY Best Pizza
Wild Bill
NY Best Pizza
Mr Frank Pinello