Customer Care

Complaints dept.

We don’t like things going wrong. It’s frustrating and people get upset. If it’s not working for you, please contact us. The people who work for Mr Natty are very nice. They really value our Natty customers and want them to be happy. So, if something is not right with your order please be nice to them and they will do their very best to help you. They don’t work at the weekends. We let them sleep and see their families.

Happiness dept.

If you just want to let us know we are doing nice things we really like that. It makes our day. Don’t be shy.

Post room

If your enquiry is about postage, please be mindful that our packages are sent out by Royal Mail and can take 3-5 days to arrive. Overseas deliveries may take longer, generally as they are a bit farther away.

Press enquiries

If you would like to put us in your publication or on your website let us know.
We are very flattered, and blushing ever so slightly.

Potential stockists and retailers

If you would like to stock Mr Natty please let us know a little bit about your store
(web address will do for now) and then let’s chat.

Contact Mr Natty