Amy Jackson Lewis

What do you do?

I have a web series called The Better Half that I created with my girlfriend and two friends. It aired on Pivot TV back in June, and we are currently working on developing it into half-hour comedy format for further TV broadcast!

What do you prefer doing?

For a living, there's nothing I'd rather do. Turning the creation of this series into a full-time job is my dream! But if we're talking free time.... well I think it's obvious I would almost always rather be getting my hairs cut by Mr. Natty. Duh.

Do you have a regime for grooming?

One of the reasons I cut all my hair off in the first place (about 9 years ago) was to minimize grooming. I don't care how fancy a dude's hair is, it will never compare to how much work goes into keeping flowing lady locks flawless. Now, I get out of the shower, put in some creme/gel/wax, get her in shape, and go. Checking my reflection in shop windows for the first hour or so, of course. Just to make sure I'm on point.

Can you recall your first or early barbershop experience?

When I was about 9 years old I went through a phase where I refused to cut (or wash) my hair. I had huge matted hair down past my shoulders and every morning I would take a brush and smooth down just the very top layer of hair until I looked mildly presentable. When I started forming dreadlocks in the underbelly, my mom put her foot down and took me to the barber to chop it all off. I blame the "jew-fro" that resulted and the subsequent mocking that followed for all of my emotional problems to date.

All time getting ready to go out tune?

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and admit that the only lady on earth to truly get me pumped to party is Christina Aguilera. Bet I'm the first gent on this blog to drop that one.

'Ave a gander at

The Better Half's website
Unfortunately the free episodes have been taken down since being licensed. You have to pay a couple bucks to watch them now at

Brooklyn, New York
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Amy Jackson Lewis
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