Bill Gentle

What do you do?

People picture taker.

What do you prefer doing?

Taking pictures, meeting people, eating pickles. I’m pretty nosey. I got lucky and that became my job.

Do you have a regime for your grooming? 

Been listening to music whilst grooming myself, thats becoming part of the regime. I get a couple of facials a year, daily wash and moisturiser, brush my teeth at least once a day… would love some Natty toothpaste someday!

Can you recall your first or early barbershop experiences?

My mum would take me to a hairdressers in Lightwater, Surrey. I think I was 7, she was 19ish and had a bubble perm. Magic memory (haircut flat top).

All-time getting ready to go out tune?

Richie Havens - Going Back to my Roots.

Thanks Bill. Go and check out Bill's work at It's blinding, and you'll find Mr Natty lurking in there.

Williamsburg, New York
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