Craig Roberts

What do you do?

I began shooting bands and thinking I was a photographer, then wound up being a professional poser.

What do you prefer doing…

Riding my Triumph in far away places, photographing the locals.

Do you have a grooming regime…

Hmm... well, once in a while I notice the wrinkles and give myself a good scrub, been known to steal products from the missus every now and then. Will admit to a bit of moisturiser from time to time, with SPF, of course.

First barber experience..

I was up on Zermatt in Switzerland, with the Matterhorn in view, Mr Natty was waving a cut throat razor at me and telling me "It won’t hurt!’. I was cornered, my choice was climb or be shaved. I’m not sure who enjoyed it more!

Give us a model's trade secret to help improve our appearance.

Haemorrhoid cream. Ha! You know I first heard this from a stewardess on a plane. I must say if I could have got up the steam to hit the chemist and ask for it I would not have minded finding out… or did I already? I’ll take the fifth on the that one!

Photographer / Model / Biker
Matt Brooke @ Pure Agency / CXA
Matt Raine @ OneRepresents
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Craig Roberts for Mr Natty
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