That Dapper Chap

How long have you been 'That Dapper Chap'?

Unofficially, since birth, even my nappies were fashioned from a fine Italian pinstriped wool and created by master tailors on Savile Row. I replaced my dummy with a monocle aged two and haven’t looked back since. In all seriousness, it's been about two years since I started my original Instagram feed. Hardened followers will remember me as 'RocksInSocks' but as things progressed I found the need for a more salubrious name and That Dapper Chap was born about six months later. As my number of followers grew so did the questions and requests for a blog. Unsure of this new venture but eager to learn, I started writing for and did a few articles for them before taking the plunge and baring by sartorial soul to the world at

Does being 'That Dapper Chap' afford any privileges previously unknown to you when you were just ‘That Chap’?

I'm fortunate enough to have now worked with some well established brands such as Next, Racing Green and, most recently, the Hammond & Co range at Debenhams. It's been good to be able to wear their ranges and get acknowledgement from them. The best thing is the people that I've met on this weird and wonderful journey. I've honestly made some good friends and met people whose paths I would never have crossed. There's also the free Prosecco that gets shoved in your hand at the doorway of each event you attend.

Living in a 'Dapper Chap' world must be sartorially exhausting sometimes. Are you ever known to just put on some jogging bottoms, a t-shirt from a team building work away day in 1997 and eat Pringles from the can?

Every gent needs some down time. There's a lot to be said for a comfy pair of tatty joggers and a curry stained sweatshirt while you munch your way to coronary heart disease in the company of Countryfile. My advice would be to indulge yourself briefly in this alternative state but do not let it take hold, too much time wallowing will only lead to afternoons of Stella, value burgers and screaming at your ex outside Poundland. Pringles are a fine savoury snack but please display them neatly in a ring on a vintage Minton plate before eating. Maybe with a peeled and cored apple in its centre, perhaps even a grape or two... and don't forget the Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

To be utterly dapper one also needs to be natty. We know you like to run Natty Hair Paste through your barnet, are there any more tips you can impart from your grooming regime?

Make sure you get your hair cut every three weeks. There's nothing worse than split ends and straggly hair tickling the nape of your neck. For me a shampoo is much of a muchness but it's the product that you choose that makes the difference. Try some different products to see what works best for you, try some different styles as varying products will lend themselves to an alternative look. Also different amounts of the same product gives different results, so have a play. Also, don't be afraid to ask your barber for tips. Ask him to show you the best technique for blow drying or which brush will work best for your hair.

Do you recall your first barbershop experience?

Maybe not my first but I do recall being sent to 'Killer Ketts' on Reynolds with my brother on a regular basis. I use the term 'regular' very loosely! Because money was short our hair was long. Every few months we were sent over to be sheared like sheep, from afro to crew cut in three minutes flat. Both a horrid and fond memory at the same time.

What’s your favourite tune (that you iron your shirt to while watching Ant & Dec) to tee you up for a massive Saturday night out?

If it's party time it has to be Uptown Funk. That funky old skool vibe gets my dancing juices flowing, limbering up the legs in preparation for some dapper shape on that poorly lit dancefloor.

Matt Brooke @ Pure Agency
That Dapper Chap
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