David S Bray

What do you do?

I am multi-site Store Director for the J Crew Men's stores in London. We have one store at 58 Redchurch Street and one at 38 Lambs Conduit Street. The men's stores are a little different from the larger J Crew stores due to our carefully curated assortment pairing J Crew alongside some really great third Party brands. I've been with J Crew for three years now.

What do you prefer doing?

I spend a lot of my spare time with my Beagle Huxley. I live south of the river and there's a lot of good areas such as Nunhead Cemetery, Dulwich Park and Crystal Palace to take him out. I also like to paint, visit galleries and I'm quite in to my cycling as well.

Do you have a regime for your grooming?

I'm not sure I have something as strict as a regime but I certainly have standards. I like to keep my beard tidy, not too long, not too short and I use beard oil on a daily basis. I actually think its a good substitute for cologne. As I'm growing my hair I'm not visiting the barber quite as much as I normally would, just once in a while to have a little tidy up.

Can you recall your first or early barbershop experiences?

When in my early teens I would always go to the same barber. He went by the name of Mr.B. He was a fairly elderly chap and pretty stuck in his ways, in all honesty he probably had about three different cuts in his bag. I learnt early on that if you only wanted an inch taken off you were best off asking for half an inch. You could never be too sure how you were going to look when leaving Mr.B's!

As you work in menswear do you have any style or grooming pointers that you abide by?

As far as clothing goes I like to mix things up a little. Whether that be certain styles or eras I like to mix and match a bit. I find that when someone has a particular vintage look going on it can often tread a tightrope of becoming a little bit fancy dress. I tend to keep to no more than three colours in any one outfit and I personally don't like clothing that is at all branded. Grooming wise like I said just use beard oil daily, keep the beard tidy and keep my hair clean.

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David S Bray
David S Bray
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