Frank Lipari

What do you do?

I’m an Associate Creative Director for a digital advertising agency.

What do you prefer doing?:

This. I've been a creative for most of my life so it just makes sense.

Do you have a regime for your grooming?:

I do. I get my hair cut every two weeks by good 'ol Mike at Palace Barbershop on 2nd and Mission. It's an old school, hole-in-the-wall that's been around for decades They specialise in classic cuts. I alternate with the facial hair. I never go clean shaven. I either trim it down and shave the neck and jawline or I keep it trim with a beard groomer. I recently let it go for about 7 months and it got rather barbarous.

Can you recall your first or earliest barbershop experiences?:

Of course. Growing up, the old man was rather strict when it came to appearance. He grew up in a military family so I had 3 options: flat top, crew cut, or regular boys. I can remember getting my haircut at an equally vintage barber in the South Bay when I was 4 ... maybe 5. Back then I was all about the flat top due to my obsession with Top Gun and Val Kilmer's sweet cut. Looking back, I'm quite appreciative of the parental regulations. I wanted to get the bowl cut or whatever disgustingly trendy hair style my friends had, but all of them consituted hair code violations. Now, I never have to look back and see trends in old photos and it furthered an appreciation for the "classic." Some things never go out of style.

All-time getting ready to go out tune?:

That's a really difficult question. I normally don't listen to music when I'm getting ready to go out. If I do it's a playlist of some sort. Right now it's a lot of The Cure, Tones on Tail, New Order ... I'm OBSESSIVELY listening to the new The War On Drugs. That shit's on repeat.

Creative Director
San Francisco
Matt Brooke @ Pure Agency / CXA
Matt Raine @ OneRepresents
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Frank Lipari
Frank Lipari
Frank Lipari
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