What do you do? 

Hard question to answer, but I try to do everything! As long as its creative and authentic. It's always changing, always evolving, that's what keeps it interesting. I cut hair too.

What do you prefer doing? 

Another tough one, ha! ha! Because that's always changing and evolving. I love to learn, travel, cook, eat, live a healthy and active lifestyle. Being outdoors makes me super happy and I like to chill pretty hard. 

Do you have a regime for your grooming?

I keep it pretty simple, less is more, that's for sure. I stay away from anything with harsh chemicals. I think mother nature did a pretty good job of creating all that we have. One thing I swear by is coconut oil. Hair, face, internally, it's super multi-purpose.

Can you recall your first or early barbershop experiences?

Not sure if this is me getting a haircut or me working in one. My first haircut was done outside in the backyard by one of our neighbours. After that my parents would let me do whatever I wanted with my hair. After all, it is mine. 

Give us a barber's trade secret to help improve our appearance. 

For me it's not to try so hard. It's not your looks or your hair or what product you use. It's YOU!

Freeman's Sporting Club Barbers, New York
Matt Brooke @ Pure Agency
Joey Tasca
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Joey Tasca at Freeman's Sporting Club Barbers
Joey Tasca at Freeman's Sporting Club Barbers
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