What do you do?

Barber, therapist, jester.

What do you prefer doing?

Surf, eat, explore.

Do you have a regime for your grooming?

Brush the whiskers, remove any leaves from the hair.

Can you recall your first or early barbershop experiences?

My gramps took my brother and me to Roy's when I was around 4. Everyone went to Roy - he smoked like a chimney, I remember enormous plumes of blue smoke hanging in the air of the tiny shop. If you didn't squirm too much he gave you a dime after the cut.

Give us a barber's trade secret to help improve our appearance...

Keep it natural; go with the flow of your cow-lick (the swirl on the back of your melon) to avoid a lumpy misshapen 'do.

Freeman's Sporting Club Barbers, New York
Matt Brooke @ Pure Agency
Matt Raine @ OneRepresents
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Kelly at Freeman's
Kelly at Freeman's
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