Martin Dillon

Model / Ticket Broker / London

What do you do?

I'm a model. I buy and sell tickets for concerts and football matches. It's not crooked! I'm a ticket broker.

What would you rather do?

I'm quite happy but, I wouldn't mind another crack at the number 9 shirt for Tottenham.

Do you have a grooming regime?

I use Mr Natty everyday. Save Ya Own Skin moisturiser, Pomade Wax on my hair and either of the Elixirs on my beard. I use the Pleasant Pucker Lip Salve too.

Can you recall your first or early barbershop experiences?

I remember being taken by my mum up to the Cypriot barber on Holloway Road. Andy's it was. Not something I looked forward to. Same haircut for many years as I remember.

As a model do you have any style or grooming pointers that you abide by?

Stop drinking so f*@%ing much!

What’s your favourite tune to tee you up for a Saturday night out?

'This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)' by Talking Heads



Photos: Matt Brooke @ Pure Agency
Grooming: Matt Raine @ OneRepresents