Ned Read

What do you do?

I'm the Pickles Art Director, founder and top boy. Pickles is a footy mag that combines design, illustration and quality writing. It focuses on football culture, the more left-field stories and we feature the occasional poem too - most notably one about Bob Taylor's thighs. Check it out.

What do you prefer doing?

Enjoying the last of the British summer in an east London beer garden wouldn't be a bad way to spend an afternoon... I'd probably be talking about Pickles though. A good balti back in Birmingham after watching the Blues win is always pretty high on my list.

Do you have a regime for your grooming?

I'm up and out in the morning. I don't think I've ever wet shaved two days in a row - I'd rather have an extra 5 minutes in bed. The beard length varies and every now and again it comes off - just to remind myself what I look like under there. But Mr Natty Beard Elixir is definitely part of the routine - works wonders.

Can you recall your first or early barbershop experiences?

I remember 'the undercut', 'the curtains', 'the bowl cut'. Growing up just outside Brum, it was all hairdressers and we didn't really have barbers. There's a Turkish place that I go to now in east London - I go every few weeks and get the full service, short back and sides and the beard trimmed.

All-time getting ready to go out tune?

Man, that's tricky. Something by The Chemical Brothers, maybe Block Rockin' Beats, or The Stooges... Or maybe Roxy Music and Love Is The Drug. Depends. Or maybe Modern Love by Bowie.


Ned has marshalled his legions of Pickles fans to nominate their favourite bearded players on Twitter @picklesmagazine #beardedeleven

If you've got a Micky Droy or George Berry fixation that needs an outlet, now's your chance. Don't do a Gordon Smith and regret it for years...

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